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A lot of people had had soft-shelled turtle, soft-shelled turtle is a kind of common says actually, real name calls turtle, formal name calls soft-shelled turtle, according to introducing, the nutrient value of soft-shelled turtle is very high, contain rich microelement for instance, soft-shelled turtle is the nourishing beautiful with accepted people is tasted, it is the crowd that differs with those immune force eats above all, the person that heals at the beginning of a serious illness for instance, still postpartum female has soft-shelled turtle very good also, so if fester appears on soft-shelled turtle body, whether can you still do eat?

Can the canker on soft-shelled turtle body eat?

Can the canker on soft-shelled turtle body eat?

Turtle flesh has chicken, deer, ox, sheep, pig of 5 kinds of flesh delicate, reason element has ” flesh of cate the five flavors ” good name. It not only taste is delicious, high protein, small adipose, and it is the nourishing treasure that contains a variety of vitamins and microelement, the disease-resistant ability that can enhance the body and adjust the endocrine of human bodySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Function, also be to raise a mother to breed the quality, immunity power that enhances a baby and intellective nourishing beautiful are tasted.

If soft-shelled turtle back decayed, the specification is an ill fish, there are a lot of bacterias inside body, had better not edible. Soft-shelled turtle rots armour disease calls white spot disease again, pathogenic bacteria is sheet of hydrosphere of be addicted to afterbirth bacterium, common be out of shape bacillus, pneumonic Keleibai family name bacterium, produce a variety of bacteria such as alkaline bacterium. Main disease expression is decay back armour.

Can the canker on soft-shelled turtle body eat?

This disease is earlier, skin back armour has verrucous state protuberant, there is kitchen range of caseous shape pus inside, serious when, skin decay falls off all round focus of a disease, carry armour decay bilge on the back, have soya bean kind big. Anatomize ill soft-shelled turtle, liver, lienal, lung has haemorrhage place. This disease infectivity is strong, when eruptive popularity, if cure is undeserved, mortality is very tall. Because sand of pool bottom laid or cobble are not smooth,sodden armour disease basically is, wear away the skin, together with water quality is exasperate, waterFall in love with the sea

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Discharge, make soft-shelled turtle reduces disease-resistant force and cause a bacterium to inbreak cause disease.

Can the canker on soft-shelled turtle body eat?

Soft-shelled turtle choose

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Abdominal luster, muscle fleshy, skirt edge is thick and become warped up, injury trace is not had outside body; Retroflexion soft-shelled turtle, head leg activity is agile, can break up very quickly, it is quality already relatively the soft-shelled turtle of actor; Needing what notice all the more is, buy soft-shelled turtle to must buy work, ten million cannot pursue cheap buy dead soft-shelled turtle, soft-shelled turtle can decompose a large number of poison inside rear body to death, easyNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Cause bromatoxism, although refrigerate also cannotShanghai Long Feng forum

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