[is evaporate egg used last is film poisonous? ] – of noxiousness of _ of _ chicken egg

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Chapter introduction

Darling is in the level with grow certain is to need to add complementary feed, this moment can give a lot of parents a thick soup of darling evaporate egg, most person is in evaporate egg a thick soup when, on meeting apply one lasts film, last actually velar sort is rife, if be,fight high temperature last film, this kind does not have poison, if not be,fight high temperature last film, cannot use normally, can release toxin, healthy to darling have a harm.

Is evaporate egg used last is film poisonous?

Last can film put the evaporate in boiler:

Be no good for certain, last film also is plastic those who make, put in a pot for steaming food to be able to make food changes qualitative change flavour, can produce organic harm substance, adverse to human body health, be sure to keep in mind.

1, be like when using, last film does not want a contact to feedSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Content, because last,encounter oily possible brandish to issue harmful material, want to avoid to pollute food as far as possible.

Set out from physical angle, last film has the measurable sex that appear oxygen and appear humidity, adjust be lasted to taste the aerobic content all round and moisture content, cut off the dirt in air, extend provision thereby last period. Accordingly, different provision is chosen last differently film is necessary.

Is evaporate egg used last is film poisonous?

2, now on the market last cent of velar cardinal principle is two kinds, one kind is common last film, apply to freezer to last; is microwave oven lasts a kind film, can use at freezer to last already, also can use at microwave oven. Hind one kind lasts film is in the respect such as heat-resisting, avirulent sex far excel is common last film. Accordingly, consumer wants special attention on use choice, cent use.

Is evaporate egg used last is film poisonous?

Last film puts the evaporate in boiler poisonous:
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1, although quality lasts reliably,film is avirulent, but in evaporate meal when, do not use as far as possible last film.

2, last film is to use modelFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Expect do, plastic alkene C2h2 is belonged to in chemistry namely Cc(carbon carbon) molecular structure of Shuang Jian, it is a kind of carbohydrate, understandable after burning to encounter fire, became carbon and water vapour to volatilize, do not have poison so.

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3, alkene compound can produce aggregate report, if add chloric become with respect to polymerization get together chloric Xi, such poisonousNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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, chloric it is carcinogenic substance

4, buy so last film when must go large store, safer. Do not want covet to go to the lavatory to be bought with cheap and individual shop, because blame is plastic medium can mix have get together chloric Xi, if use these second birth to abandon plastic reproduction to be machined,last film, that is used for a long time, can be among them chloric element go in the food that permeates you through high temperature, chloric cause cancer easily on health.

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