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Hotpot can not be a kind of simple food, from angle of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine for, hotpot is a kind nourishing ” medicinal material ” . From ancient up to now, people knows the high price of hotpot is worth, a few hotpot eating more in saying daily life so also can have profit to the body. Just the price of hotpot has a few to slant now expensive, Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

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But for healthy, a few more floriferous money also is excusable. So, bai ShuiLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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What is the accurate method of the hotpot that boil?

What is the accurate method of the white water hotpot that boil?

Be needed to feed capable person

Condiment: Green Chinese onion 400 grams, ginger 100 grams, garlic (Bai Pi) 100 grams, chinese prickly ash 15 grams, anise 15 grams, salt 50 grams, gourmet powder 15 grams, sesame paste 1000 grams, chili is oily 300 grams.

The method that make

1. will be fresh and tender hotpot is abluent stripping and slicing, put into clear water boiler to be burned with conflagration, cast aside float foam, join green next paragraph, Jiang Kuai, garlic, Chinese prickly ash, aniseed, with eliminate smelling of fish or mutton. Convert small fire is boiled slow, till stew ripe boil sodden, add into1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Flavour of mix up of refined salt, gourmet powder.

2. the hotpot fish out that thoroughly cook, cut piece or small, cent installs Yu Wanzhong, irrigate the former soup when stew, add againLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Some rare sesame paste and chili oil or chili face, mix divide evenly can.

What is the accurate method of the white water hotpot that boil?

Dish tastes the history

Ma Yukun is transformed in the socialism after liberating in, change one’s profession became name carriage worker. “Na Laishun ” when practice of food market mouth, the Chen Liansheng that holds the post of a manager at that time everywhere look for, below the support that leads in the urban district, come back to return to old trade please eventually. Because Ma Yukun is white water sheep head is done famously, address sb respectfully is ” ovine lead horse ” . He becomes 20 sheep head only everyday, uniform the goat head that is Bai Mao, must be a year old of Mongolia that controls partly produce, the white goat that has been emasculated, choose after coming out, 2 hours immerse in putting cold water, wash rinse scalp repeatedly with scrubbing brush, brush so that had jumped over in vain more, but cannot brush broken scalp, break ovine mouth even, brush glossal root back and forth, with water the dirty content inside mouth, will nose, ear rushs, reoccupy clean water washs drop a few times back and forthShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Dry. With the knife after equalize is in to grow a mouth to nasal cavity in the middle of the skin from the beginning, put into boiler by one by one of old tender rate, enter cold water, had overflowed ovine head 10 centimeters, with boil of flourishing baked wheaten cake, boil a many hour, to take out when 7 maturity, take the advantage of heat delimit buccal place gathers up head flesh in the middle of the skin from the beginning to both sides, tear open next skull, ovine look the disclose that use a hand gives, cleavage skull, take out ovine head, go up from the beginning next cut next ear and day ladder, tear open face of below two sheep thoroughly child with ovine tongue, put into cold water to immerse 1 hour entirely again, make the flesh qualitative fragile tender, color is white, good cut. Take crude salt to put arenaceous bowl subsequently, lean beside low baking temperature slowly (fire leans) dry; Chinese prickly ash also do sth following a set pattern grinds broken finally, the sachet that add man, arenaceous a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt that benevolence pink agitate becomes, load tailor-made do not run inside the container that the ox horn of flavour makes, when eating, cut now scatter now eat now, Shanghai night net

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In case ovine head flesh is soft collapse not muscle path.

What is the accurate method of the white water hotpot that boil?

Ma Yukun in those days hand push car, go corridor room 2, the car arrives person namely full, it is to sample the head of white water sheep with original gust, 2 it is the stunt that sees his hand grasp flesh of big razor blade, cutlet is gotten paper-thin, piece transparent, and the skin all is taken in every flesh. ” swallow Beijing snack is miscellaneous chant ” in the Bai Shuiyang head that calls Ma Jialiu era: “Cold north wind of October swallow Beijing, ovine head appears on the market flavour is boundless. A little salt is aspersed so that be like Xue Fei, thin thin cut be the same as with paper. ” the taste that the poem that chant spoke head of white water sheep and craft, can weighs a special skill. Regrettablly is Ma Yukun did not take skill pass later generations to multiply a crane went on the west, but head of Beijing’s true white water sheep already be lost.

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