Beautiful intermediary: ” whole area blocks ” because of Bug and flaw moving toward death

Although Massive atelier and Yo greened jade to had had repair a few times to solve Bug and flaw, but ” whole area blocks ” still not be a competent net swim, at least ” Forbes ” be so look.

” Forbes ” the author says: Total somebody asks why I play the game of a myself mad gush, the reason is ” whole area blocks ” immanent core, it is a good game really, I hope it can cash very much oneself promise. But unless Massive finds out method,the sense that gives me now is can repair is whole game, otherwise I must be put first. Because Bug and flaw are too much now, too influence game experience, can bring more awkwardness only.

This should be the admiral class IP that Yo green jade will come to originally, need more quality to check originally, this an awful mess that is not now. Yo green jade needs test of a public to take, ban with technical ability of level of a few Bug, do his best to charge sport control in his hand. I had reacted to Massive, thought unship is current they have what the way to deal with a situation to this, but I had not gotten a response now. ” whole area blocks ” potential is very great really, seeing is merely entering death because of technical issue is lamentable really.

Actually game Bug problem does not calculate big question, as long as resolved one pace rehabilitate is OK, this ” battleground 4 ” make the land first-rate. In those days ” battleground 4 ” all sorts of technology issues also are when put on sale, all sorts of Bug, but after game put on sale, DICE LA is in all the time repair, update perfect game to experience ceaselessly. Of course here is not to encourage the semi-manufactured goods put on sale, way that spends a year of rehabilitate, it is a thing only already so far, mend the fold after a sheep is lost still when not late.

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