” sea thief king: The blood of combustion ” come on stage completely part and assist a part to announce

We ever had reported for everybody last month ” sea thief king: The blood of combustion ” (One Piece: Burning Blood) the lieutenant general can have 42 can operate a part. In the begining we confirmed 40 roles only, two parts had not affirmed. Nevertheless, now from ” sea thief king: The blood of combustion ” part choice screen looks, lu Fei and this rub block these two parts to be able to occupy two slot each, it is the configuration 2 years ago and the configuration after 2 years respectively. As to the reason our unknown. Can affirm from inside the video below attend a war part. Do not know sequel can have DLC to mix new role, we still will have a story for everybody.

Assist a part hugely to already also announced additionally. Every assist a part to unique technical ability is helped attend a war part. Be in ” sea thief king: The blood of combustion ” in, the player is OK the choice is assisted 3 times at most the part mixes 3 to be able to operate a part. Lower part is the choice picture that supports a part completely, future still will announce more to support a part.

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