” watchdog 2 ” Logo doubt is like in divulging watchdog film to be being prepared

Ubisoft sent to imprint recently have ” watchdog 2 ” the sunglass of model of written characters ” gift box ” to YouTube celebrity The Rad Brad, his channel is had exceed 6 million to register a number. And The Rad Brad also shared box photograph through Twitter (as above pursues) , and the box is rear and likely be ” watchdog 2 ” the design of Logo.

” watchdog 2 ” the position that shows level remains the same very ambiguous, although Ubisoft receives money in battalion,had made public among newspaper conference allude, sequel does not plan however commentate give more information. Of course, also be official plan picture only likely should publish in the E3 this year can disclose along with all the others, should publish can predict on June 14 Tuesday began at 4 o’clock in the morning.

The first ” watchdog ” game shipment exceeded 9 million to the gross of retail access, its originality chief inspector also has shared the view that he makes to developing add. As to although 2 generation predict to appear on the market before April 2017, date of exact put on sale still had be notted announce. On the other hand, ubisoft also plans to film ” watchdog ” the film, previous although come out vermicelli made from bean starch people hope by Tom? Ke Lusi will act the leading role, did not make any responses to this government nevertheless.

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