” divine extent: Original sin 2 ” development difficulty wants to become all place conformity formerly greatly exceed old map

” divine extent: Original sin 2 ” can saying was 2017 year a dark horse, its are outstanding degree is in some closer year come it may be said is infrequent. But last week on GDC congress, the father Swen Vincke of the Larian group that make told about the development difficulty of this game, the fact proves, compose a huge open world story is difficult really and heavy. Swen Vincke told about ” divine extent: Original sin 2 ” playwrite course, game balance, mail system, and the problem that encounter is waited a moment. Among them the depends on game much more paragraphic structure that the player is interested in. For example is in the islands map in the first chapter, it is a tremendous sandbox world, enough props up the adventure of 20 hours, and the 2nd regulations headed for the mainland, and larger area. Of the 3rd chapter pass through anonymous isle, the story of the 4th chapter happens in the city. However, initial plan requirement is a阿爱上海同城

ll these places want join to arrive on a piece of tremendous map of the world. But this is not the maddest part — this is not the exclusive map in game even. Swen Vincke says: “We realize encounter a trouble, cannot complete all works of the plan, mus上海千花网论坛

t reduce expenditure. First game has a 爱上海龙凤419桑拿

piece of mankind to draw earthy map, one piece is pygmean map, one piece is not dead a group of things with common features map, basically be the map that each in game phyletic metropolis has him. What you see here is a human territory map, included He Qiaoyi of city of A Ke Sic上海同城对对碰交友社区

heng, driftw上海夜网论坛

ood among them fort, these content are on a piece of map. Basically be whole game area, this also let you understand the game content that we must chop. ” ” divine extent: Original sin 2 ” every main part has a very long genetic story, colleague story is perforative also whole game theme. The group that make undertook to game in the process that make cutout is decreased, but every time cutout decreases metropolis embroil to arrive the genetic story of these parts, the group that make gave a lot of effort for this, achieved the balance of these content finally. Although do not have other maps, ” divine extent: Original sin 2 ” remain the work with a vast scope, its content flow exceeded 100 hours, although b上海千花网龙凤论坛

e in,connect the aftertaste that the player still is worth after closing.

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