Winter ran why lung is easy appear the skill that the person that glowing feeling runs needs to master

Had had the run person of experience of the ran below winter chill weather, the likelihood has had this kind of feeling, the lung when ran has glowing feeling. How is this to return a responsibility after all? What method can alleviate this kind of circumstance?

Hiemal air is dry, and air temperature low. Can inspiratory very much cold air is accelerated as breath when ran, wet to the lukewarm thaw of cold air had begun from oral cavity and nostril place, reach body temperature till them, and completely wet ability can be entered arrive in respiratory tract.

Although these gas can make lung experiences chill, but lobar tissue can support the gas with very low temperature, and the gas experience of expiration offers a few extra quantity of heat to give lung. The person that run can feel lung has glowing feeling, because quantity of heat of air爱上海

y of dry and cold and moisture exchange a process,the likelihood is earlier and the result that bring about.

Although this is planted,the person that glowing feeling may make run feels unwell, but can not bring risk to the person that爱上海


un. And, the person that run masters below 4 skill, can alleviate the unwell sense that this kind of circumstance brings.

It is filling water. The person that run may feel winter does not 阿爱上海同城

need to drink too much water, because the weather is cold,perspire little. Actually otherwise, winter ran perspires meeting loss moisture, breath also uses up more m新上海贵族宝贝论坛

oisture than other season. So, winter goes out ran is taking vacuum cup is must.

2 it is heat preservation. Go out there is handkerchief when ran or guaze mask, the premise advancement that can let the air of dry and cold enter oral cavity and nasal cavity heats all right and wet, when when entering lung, pass because of air temperature no longer low and appear glowing feeling.

3 it is deep breathing. Nasal cavity is used to undertake when ran inspiratory, oral cavity is expiratory, und上海同城对对碰交友社区

ertake slow and relaxed deep breathing more, can reduce lung glowing feeling.

4 it is to reduce ran difficulty. After all winter weather is harsh, can go out ran has needed very great courage, can allow oneself to reduce difficulty of a few ran so, have run with relaxed state of mind.

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