Close judge: Shanghai points to small go up become divided of 0.12% markets structure is apparent

Chinese net finance and economics on July 26 dispatch Shanghai is deep now two city in pairs leaves high, shanghai points to dish rush first tall, spread out subsequently adjust, get military project afternoon below the influence, small pick up, low a concussion, end dish close red. Bec上海龙凤论坛sh1f

ome greatly show expression is low fan, go all the way drop, draw near end dish drop close narrow. Do poineering work board leave high low go, be without heat, end dish close green.

Up to closing quotation, shanghai points to a newspaper 3247.67 a little bit, go up 3.上海千花网

98 a little bit, go up 0.12% , clinch a deal 228.5 billion yuan; Become greatly point to a newspaper 10297.34 a little bit, drop 55.87 a little bit, drop 0.54% , clinch a deal 232.2 billion yuan; Do poineering work board newspaper 1681.31 bits, drop 6.78 a little bit, drop 0.40% , clinch a deal 46.87 billion yuan.

Dish on the face, the concept such as chemical industry of pink of new material, titanium white, fluorine, war industry board piece go up a house before; Safe, electron is made, the concept such as lacteal industry board piece drop a house before.

A respect, high seas accuses in, 4 trade of nation of Yingluohua, Xiamen, new material exceed 30 harden; Big country of share of dimension of golden interest science and technology, dimension, division is achieved etc drop a house before.

Circumjacent market respect, up to distribute news dispatches, tokyo day classics 255 point to a newsp上海贵族宝贝交流区

aper 20050 a little bit, rise 0.48% ; Put together of Korea head Er points to a newspaper 2435 a little bit, drop 0.上海千花网龙凤论坛

23% ; Taiwan adds authority index to sign up for 10419 a little bit, drop 0.42% .

The analysis thinks, although do poineering work board alre上海千花网论坛

ady successive callback, and will appear first the situation that appraise value overcomes under Na Sida, but current market style is remained in order to underestimate value, boom to good board piece give priority to. Periodic tenacity, below the condition that also reflects preference of contributive gold risk to reduce, to underestimating value board piece still favor have a阿爱上海同城


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